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Serve Up Top Performance with Tennis Racquets

Step up your game with top-quality tennis racquets from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Find strung and unstrung racquets in a range of sizes and materials.

Whether you're looking for a mid-sized or oversize racquet, you'll find dozens of options to choose from. Shop equipment from the brands you trust including:

Explore tennis racquets for players of all ages and abilities. Try out a power racquet for all skill levels and those with slower swings speeds. Spin racquets are great for more advanced players that want increased ball spin and feel. If you're ready to take your game to the next level, control racquets are made for intermediate to advanced players that want pinpoint accuracy.

Swing in style with the latest tennis apparel, tennis shoes and gear up with the full assortment of tennis gear & equipment for your next match.

Ensure your racquet is ready for your next match by taking advantage of the tennis stringing and racquet services at DICK'S.

How to Buy a Tennis Racquet

A good tennis racquet can make all the difference in your performance and enjoyment of the game.

When shopping for a tennis racquet, decide whether you are looking for a pre-strung racquet or an unstrung racquet. Pre-strung tennis racquets are a good choice for most beginner and intermediate players. They are highly versatile and allow you to focus on the fundamentals without added complexity. Advanced players often prefer an unstrung racquet. These allow the individual to tailor the string type and tension to their swing and playing style.

It's also important to consider the size and shape of the racquet head. Oversized and mid-plus sized heads have larger sweet spots, making it easier to hit the ball with power. Smaller head sizes allow for greater control. Tear-drop shaped heads also provide a larger sweet spot. Traditional oval heads are valued for their feel and control.

Your swing style is another important factor to consider when shopping for tennis racquets. If you have a fast and long swing, you'll want to go with a racquet with a mid or mid-plus head for improved control. If you have a shorter and slower swing, an oversized racquet head may be a better choice as it can increase the power of your shot.

You will also want to make sure that the grip of the racquet, as well as the weight, offer a comfortable feel. Using grip tape that is designed to absorb sweat can help improve your overall handling during your swing.

Tennis Racquet Sizing Charts

Note: Adult racquets are sized by thickness of grip. Junior racquets are only available in one grip size.

Junior Tennis Racquet Chart
Racquet Length (in.)AgeBall Type
21"7–8Foam or Red Felt
23"7–8Red Felt
25"9–10Orange Felt
26"11–16Regular Tennis Ball

Adult Tennis Racquet Grip Size Chart
Grip Size44 1/84 1/44 3/84 1/24 5/8
Hand Measurement (in.)3.93"–4.05"4.05"–4.17"4.17"–4.33"4.33"–4.45"4.45"–4.65"4.65"–4.69"
Hand Measurement (mm.)100–103 mm.103–106 mm.106–110 mm.110–113 mm.112–118 mm.116–119 mm.

How to Measure Tennis Racquet Grip Size

  1. With your playing hand, fully open your palm and extend your fingers while keeping them close together.
  2. Take a ruler and vertically align the edge with your third (ring) finger and the bottom of the ruler in line with the joint where your thumb meets your hand.
  3. Your grip size is then determined by the length between the tip of your finger to the point where your thumb meets your palm.

Tennis Racquet Head Size Chart
Head SizeMidMid-PlusOversize
Sq. Inches85–94 sq. in.95–105 sq. in.106 sq. in. or More
FeaturesSmaller Sweet Spots, More Control, Added FeelCombination of Control and PowerMore Forgiveness and Power, Larger Sweet Spot

Tennis Racquet Balance Chart
BalanceHead Light (HL)EvenHead Heavy (HH)
Player TypeBaselineAll CourtAll Court, Servers, Volleyers
BenefitsAdds Maneuverability in Heavier FramesCombination of Maneuverability and StabilityIncreases Stability and Momentum in Lighter Frames

Tennis Racquet Frame Type Chart
Frame TypePowerControl
Weight9–10 oz.11 oz. or More
Swing TypeShort and CompactFast and Long

Tennis Racquet String Pattern Chart
String PatternOpen PatternDense Pattern
Size16 x 19 (or less)18 x 20
FeaturesMore Power, More Spin, More Rebound, Less DurableMore Control, Added Durability, Less Rebound