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Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1x

Tour-Proven, Tour-Trusted: Shop Titleist® Golf Balls

Experience the difference a Titleist® golf ball makes in your round.

Titleist® engineers golf balls for consistent flight and feel on all shots. Discover the right golf ball for your playing style with a variety of cover, core, compression and dimple patterns .Choose from two-piece, three-piece and four-piece constructions from Titleist®.

The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x are crafted for soft feel and reliable scoring performance, earning them a spot as a leading golf ball for pros.

Make your mark on the game with a personalized Titleist® golf ball.

Looking for more? Check out the all new Titleist AVX golf balls and all Titleist® Prior Generation Pro V1 golf balls for an accurate shot and lasting durability. Browse all golf balls from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Swing speed is the most important factor when selecting a golf ball. Golfers with a slower swing speed should look for a golf ball with a solid, two-piece construction. These harder golf balls produce extra distance. Golfers with high to mid swing speeds can opt for a softer ball with a multi-layer construction.

Titleist® two-piece golf balls are also known as "distance golf balls." These balls are constructed with a large, solid rubber core to deliver velocity off the club face. A low spin minimizes slices and hooks—so you can master straighter ball flight.

Titleist® three-piece golf balls feature a solid core surrounded by a thin, responsive middle layer, known as the mantel. This construction boosts energy and spin from the shot.

Titleist® four-piece golf ball generates fast ball speeds for players with a mid to high swing speed. A dual mantel construction increases speed and minimizes spin. Specialized dual-core technology from Titleist® delivers high-velocity ball speeds.

Many golfers play with a ball that's too soft for their swing speed. Keep in mind that three-piece and four-piece golf balls are not recommended for golfers with a swing under 90 mph.

Compression describes the density of your golf ball. Softer golf balls tend to have a higher compression, while a harder golf ball is low-compression.

Consider the composition of your golf ball: Remember that a softer cover produces added spin and control on the green, but less distance. The cover particularly impacts feel on shorter shots. Soft covers are best for putts and chips on the green.