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Airhead Ringer 3-Person Towable Tube
  • Orange/Red
Airhead Ringer 3-Person Towable Tube

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Wake-Ready: Learn More About Towable Tubes

Dive in. Make the most of your day at the water with towable tubes.

Ride wakes aboard a variety of secure and stable towable tubes, designed to be easily hooked up to your boat for hours of fun. Take on the water alone in a personal towable tube or get a group in on the action with tubes that seat multiple riders.

Choose the tube that fits your adventure-some models are built for speed, while others ensure a more leisurely ride during your day at the lake. Find these summertime staples from popular water sports brands, like Airhead®, Sportsstuff®, and Rave Sports®.

And after you've picked out the perfect tube, browse towable ropes, air pumps and repair kids-so you're prepared for your outing. You can also explore the full water sports collection at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Towable tubes are designed for fun—and available in a variety of shapes, sizes and for your riding adventure. Think about what kind of tube you're looking for when making your selection.

A classic donut tube is great for single riders. This brand of towable tube comes in several sizes and typically features handles on the side for secure riding. Deck tubes, meanwhile are flat, and enable riders to lay on top and enjoy the ride.

For young and inexperienced riders, consider a cockpit-style tube. Ride-in and ride-on tubes are also popular options, enabling tubing enthusiasts to either sit down inside the tube, much like a small boat. Ride-on tubes are typically straddled, and popular in the water among thrill-seekers.

Look for features that help you make the most of your ride. Foam-fitted handles let you hang on tight, and backrests are great for riders who want to sit upright. A skim-fast bottom provides a slick, fast ride that's sure to get the adrenaline flowing.

Always keep in mind materials when selecting your towable tube. The covering material of your towable impacts its ride and durability.

Nylon is most commonly used material covering for towables. Nylon comes in a variety of weights and thicknesses, referred to as the device's "denier." The larger the denier, the stronger the nylon. Polyester is also often used, as this material typically provides optimal durability and resistance from the sun's rays.

Tube ropes or tow ropes are designed with higher break strength and less stretch than a typical water ski rope. You should purchase a rope that is designed for the number of riders the tube is designed to pull—two-person tubes should be paired with two-person ropes, for example.

Tube ropes should be a minimum of 50-feet in length and should not exceed 65-feet.