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How to Choose the Right Kayak for You

Heading to the water? Your adventure begins with a kayak from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Kayaking is a great outdoor activity for all ages and skill levels. Paddle sports can help improve cardiovascular health as well as muscle strength throughout the body. Plus, many kayakers enjoy scenic views and peaceful waters-it's a perfect way to relax and take in nature.

Recreational kayaks are easy to use and maneuver in the water. More specialized vessels, including whitewater and fishing kayaks, are designed with utility in mind. When choosing your kayak, think about your skill level and water environment as well as storage and transportation needs.

  • Sit-In Kayaks: These "traditional kayaks" are designed with an interior seat. They offer easy paddling on the water and can feature storage space for your belongings.
  • Inflatable Kayaks: Make storage a breeze. Just deflate your vessel and skip the boat rack. These kayaks are stable and effective on the water, made with high-quality, abrasion-resistant materials as well as multiple air chambers.
  • Sit-on-Top Kayaks: Great for beginners or those who may have difficulty getting in and out of traditional kayaks.
  • Fishing Kayaks: Often come with rod holders, built-in tackle boxes and other storage features for anglers. They also offer extra stability-so anglers can stand up to cast or get a better view of activity below the surface.
  • Whitewater Kayaks: Compact and agile for taking on rapids and more technical water conditions. Skilled kayakers can best handle these boats.
  • 2-Person Kayaks: Share you next on-water adventure with a tandem kayak with plenty of space for two. Choose an adjustable option to accommodate kids, pets or solo paddlin