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Water Trampolines: Take Your Fun to New Heights

Boost your fun on the water. Next time you spend a day at the lake, do it with a water trampoline.

What are water trampolines?

Water trampolines are large, floating bouncing platforms that are easy to assemble and provide hours of fun on lakes or rivers. Most water trampolines accommodate 3-6 adults and are about 3 feet in diameter when inflated.

These inflatable bouncers can be toted along for your afternoon at the river or lake. Make the most of your outing with water trampolines in a variety of sizes and styles. The latest generation of water trampolines is optimized for a safety and security. Accessorize the fun with inflatable pool slides, pool lounges even rope swings and inflatable climbing walls.

Shop water trampolines and accessories from popular brands, including Aquaglide®, Rave Sports® and AVIVA®. If you're looking for outdoor or exercise models, browse all trampolines from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Instantly up the fun factor on your next outing. Dive in, take a leap and perfect your tricks on your new water trampoline.

Water trampolines are anchored or moored in place, so jumpers can climb aboard and reach new heights. Choose a trampoline constructed with commercial-grade PVA for long-lasting durability. Trampoline materials should be resistant to the damaging effects of the sun's rays.

Stainless steel ring plates provide a secure jumping experience. Heavy-duty side handles ensure boarding the trampoline is a breeze. Always consider the size of your new water trampoline. Consult product information for specifics on capacity—some trampolines are designed for two or three jumpers. Larger models can hold as many as 20.

Make the most of your water trampoline. Pair the jumping platform with a water log and attached slide to amplify your fun.

Water depth is essential for use of a water trampoline. Water trampolines typically require at least an 8-foot water depth for safe jumping. Always consult product information before making your purchase. Ensure the surface of your trampoline is dry before use.

Many water trampolines are designed in an octagonal shape. Octagonal trampolines allow a larger jumping area without pulling jumpers to the middle. Straight sides provide a natural orientation for the jumper.

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