Wildgame Innovations Trail Cameras

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Wildgame® cameras help you scout your hunting spot with remarkable precision. These high-tech trail cameras are simple to use and provide exceptional insight.

Capturing both still and video, Wildgame® trail cameras are ultra-rugged for a variety of weather conditions and terrains. Specialized technology allows for wide-angle shots, high-definition footage and time-lapse photography.

You can count on your Wildgame® camera to be wind and water-resistant. Shop a variety of models and features for the device that fits your hunt.

Trail cameras have revolutionized the way hunters bring home their prey, allowing them to scout wildlife in a particular area with exceptional precision. Keep in mind these factors when making your purchase:

  • Cameras take photos when an object enters its Detection Zone.
  • Trigger Time is the amount of time it takes your trail camera to snap a picture. Recovery time describes how long it takes your camera to take a second photo.
  • Battery Life determines how long your device can operate.
  • Always consult product information to learn about your camera's SD card compatibility.
  • Sizing is also essential. Look at your product's dimensions to understand how it will fit into your given terrain. Many Wildgame® cameras also come with camo patterns and textures for a seamless fit into your hunting terrain.

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