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Learn More About Brooks Running Shoes for Women

Learn More About Brooks® Women's Running Shoes

Brooks® women's running shoes are specially engineered for every mile. This industry-leading brand offers shoes that blend fit, traction and support.

Brooks® women's running shoes feature the latest in footwear technology, including environmentally friendly midsoles, adjustable saddle constructions and moisture-managing sock liners. And you can make your mark on your race with a variety of colors, styles and profiles.

Select from neutral, stability and motion-control Brooks® running shoes.

Go the distance with running shoes that keep you comfortable and energized. Find the Brooks® shoe that matches your individual gait cycle:

  • Motion-Control Brooks® Running Shoes: This footwear is ideal for runners who exhibit severe overpronation. Stiffer heels and straighter lasts help prevent exaggerated rolls of the ankle.
  • Stability Brooks® Running Shoes: Great for runners with neutral to moderate overpronation. A firm shoe construction helps correct exaggerated inward rolls of the ankle.
  • Neutral Brooks® Running Shoes: This shoe matches runners with high arches or exhibit supination, or an exaggerated outward roll of the foot. Midsole cushioning helps provide extra shock absorption.

Your arch type can help you determine which running shoe is right for you.

To determine your arch type, simply wet the entire bottom of your foot and step on a piece of paper or paper towel. Examine your foot imprint. If the imprint shows the entire bottom of your foot, you likely have flat arches. Runners with high arches will see only a thin outer band, while runners with medium arches will see their heel and forefoot, connected by an outer band.

  • Runners with flat arches should opt for stability or motion-control shoes
  • Runners with medium arches should choose stability shoes or neutral shoes
  • Runners with high arches should wear neutral running shoes.