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Learn More About Youth Baseball Bats

Finding The Right Baseball Bat For Kids

Prep your young athlete for the batter's box with performance youth baseball bats and T-Ball bats from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

The latest youth baseball bats offer an excellent blend of lightweight feel and maximum power on impact and they're great for young athletes honing their skill set. Advanced baseball technologies help produce maximized sweet spots and minimal vibration, for complete performance from practice to play.

Parents and coaches alike can find youth baseball bats in a variety of lengths and drop for any youth league. Materials range from classic wood to innovative composite alloys. Get them excited for the season with baseball bats from popular brands like Easton, DeMarini an Rawlings .

Remember, check in with your child's league before purchasing a new youth bat for the season. Guidelines may vary by locality and age group.

Young players should start out with a lightweight bat, which helps them master their form and swing. If you're just getting started, try out the lightest bat allowed by local league guidelines and begin working your way up.

To determine if your child's bat is the correct size, use the arm test. Begin by having your child hold the baseball bat outward, with their arm parallel to the ground. If the bat is an appropriate size, they will be able to do this for about 30 seconds without their arms dropping.

Remember that a baseball bat's drop is simply its length-to-weight ratio, denoted as a negative number.

To learn about the individual features on your child's baseball bat, you should consult product information. Many of today's youth bats are outfitted with innovative technologies that promote sweet spot and energy transfer. Tacky-texture grips and vibration-minimization are also available.

Looking for more? Find it today with the entire collection of youth baseball equipment at DICK'S Sporting Goods.