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Learn More About Youth Lacrosse Sticks

Help your young player excel on the field with a kid's lacrosse stick from DICK'S Sporting Goods. DICK'S carries a great selection of youth lacrosse sticks for boys and girls. Choose from top brands like Warrior®, STX®, StringKing® and more.

Learn More About Youth Lacrosse Sticks

The sticks in this collection are specifically designed to help young players master the fundamentals of the game. The shafts on kids' lacrosse sticks are typically shorter and thinner to give young players added control and comfort. The head tends to be wider to aid with throwing, catching and cradling, while the scoop is often flatter to make it easier to grab ground balls.

Make sure to monitor the quality of the pocket over time. The pockets on many of these youth sticks are designed to provide long-lasting durability. However, especially after repeated exposure to rain and extreme temperatures, the pocket may begin to lose its original shape and responsiveness. If that happens, you may want to consider restringing the pocket. Find a great selection of replacement mesh, string, and stringing kits if you want to do it yourself. DICK'S also offers restringing services at many locations. Contact your local store to check availability.

Boys' vs. Girls' Lacrosse Sticks

There is a key difference between boys' and girls' lacrosse sticks, and that is the pocket on the stick's head. Since forceful contact is allowed in most boys' lacrosse leagues, the pocket is typically fairly deep to help players maintain control of the ball while they weave through the opposition. Because hard physical contact is prohibited in girls' lacrosse, the pocket is more shallow so that players must handle the ball carefully to avoid losing possession.

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Control, Power & Agility: Find the Best Youth Lacrosse Sticks for You

Kids' lacrosse sticks from DICK'S Sporting Goods are designed for excellence on the field. Manufactured by respected companies, girls' and boys' lacrosse sticks are made to handle rough play between rivals, whether they are neighboring schools or siblings.

Crafted from quality materials, features to look for include:

  • Easy Scooping: With heads designed to easily scoop up ground balls, handling a low pass will be a breeze.
  • Large Baskets: Wide-faced baskets make it easier to snag a pass from their teammates.
  • Responsive Feel: The right stick should feel like an extension of their body. Select a stick that offers improved control for ball handling, shooting and passing.
  • Lightweight Design: Strong and durable, yet also lightweight and quick, explore lacrosse sticks that are made from cutting-edge materials.

Does your kid dream of making the varsity squad one day? Work hard on the practice field with lacrosse training aids from DICK'S Sporting Goods and they just might make the cut.