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Running Shoes for Kids: Footwear for Young Athletes

Shop some of the best running shoes for kids on the market at DICK'S Sporting Goods. Running is an amazing activity that is central to almost every modern sport. It is a fun way to help kids be active as they grow. Browse a large selection of girls' and boys' running shoes from some of today's top brands.

Kids' running shoes are made to meet the same high standards that you would expect from adult footwear. Whether your little one is just taking off or is a seasoned athlete who loves racing around the block with siblings, he or she will find youth running shoes that are up to the task. They make excellent casual footwear for playing with friends or running errands around town with Mom or Dad.

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Premium Youth Running Shoes

Boys' and girls' running shoes from DICK'S Sporting Goods are constructed from the latest high-tech materials. While they are wonderful all-around sneakers, both street and kids' trail running shoes are engineered especially for runners. Here are some design perks that will make running just a little easier for your kid:

  • Lightweight Design: Weight makes a difference, especially as the laps mount. Lighter shoes may reduce fatigue as the finish line nears.
  • Breathable Uppers: Airy, breathable shoes will let excess heat escape. This prevents overheating and helps keep your children comfortable while they compete.
  • Improved Energy Transfer: Sneakers for runners are designed for forward motion. Soles with the right amount of flex help them put maximum power into every stride.
  • Impact Absorption: Running is a high impact sport. These sneakers feature added impact cushioning to help absorb the force of each stride.

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