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Allen Bowstring Wax

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Product Information

Perfect for use with today’s modern synthetic bowstrings, Allen® Bowstring Wax is made to lengthen the life of your bow’s strings as well as to help prevent fraying and accidental snapping. In addition to prolonging the life of your bowstrings, bowstring wax also aids in keeping dirt, debris, and moisture away from your string. Smooth and easy to apply, Allen® Bowstring Wax is made in the USA and comes with 0.90 oz. of wax.


  • Bowstring Wax
  • Extends the life of modern day synthetic bowstrings
  • Aids in preventing string from fraying & accidental snapping
  • Keeps dirt and excess moisture away from bowstring
  • Made in USA
  • 0.90 oz. net wt.
  • SKU: 11045041

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