BOSU Sports Conditioning DVD- Football


BOSU Sports Conditioning DVD- Football
BOSU Sports Conditioning DVD- Football
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Product Information:

BOSU® Sports Conditioning Football DVD is the fastest and most exciting way to improve on all your MVP moves this season. With a wide range of fitness techniques these integrated movement skills can help you develop high levels of agility. By improving your dynamic flexibility, power, and teaching your muscles how to react quickly, your performance will surpass any opponents from end zone to end zone.


  • Football DVD workout with Peter Twist (approx. 52 mins)
  • Six section of teaching
  • Balance and equilibrium warm-up drills focus on balance, equilibrium and weight distribution
  • Multi-directional movement is important for both offensive, defensive and pass coverage play
  • Neuromuscular activation drills can be used for pre-game dynamic warm-up before you come off the bench
  • Quickness and agility help you prepare to be quick off the line and agile to throw and receive
  • Athletic strength, power and core drills focus on total body power production, core strength and stability
  • Flexibility and stretching can help you improve performance, avoid injuries and help your muscles relax and recover
  • Model: 72-10875-2D
  • Brand: BOSU
  • Country of Origin: United States of America