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CCM Senior Women's JetSpeed FTW Hockey Shoulder Pads

Size: S
  • Adjustable chest protection
  • Maximum protection
  • Comfort and Support
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Product Information

The JETSPEED FTW women's hockey shoulder pads offer customized, adjustable protection against impacts tailored to the women's game. Packed with innovative adjustment features, D30® smart material and made from premium molded foam, these comfortable and lightweight shoulder pads are designed for a closer, more accurate fit, without sacrificing movement.
  • Innovative adjustable chest protection
  • Made from premium molded foam, the adjustable chest panel is designed to conform and fit to all women’s bodies – no matter what shape or size. Reliable protection should be comfortable too.
  • Comfort side gusset + adjustable torso strap system
  • You can’t always predict where the hits will land. That’s why we added extra side coverage, an adjustable strap system for custom length and a removable belly pad
  • Low-profile molded shoulder caps with D30® smart material
  • Made from impact-absorbing D30® smart material, these low-sitting lightweight caps deliver high-level protection built for a women’s body shape, all without slowing you down.
  • Floating clavicle protection
  • Anatomical molded PE spine
  • Maximum protection for the back
  • Height-adjustable floating biceps
  • Elite low-profile protection that’s comfortable and less restrictive
  • Must-have protection in a key impact area
  • CCMLightweight comfort and support
  • Age: Senior Women
  • Series: JetSpeed
  • SKU: 21258879

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