Clam Dingle Drop Jig product image

Clam Dingle Drop Jig

Weight: 1/16 oz.

Product Information

The Clam® Dingle Drop Jig dangles to create movement with any motion. Swingin’ chain and attractor bead lures fish in and pulls the trigger. The Dingle is made From Tungsten, which is 30% heavier than lead.


  • Hook Size: 12
  • Small, compact presentation for punching through - "slush-in-hole tactic"
  • Plummets through thick vegetation, brush and timber past smaller bait-stealing fish to where the slabs are waiting
  • Ultra-fast drop to reach deep water quicker and to get back to the school feeding frenzy
  • Go-to ji during cold fronts, high pressure weather systems, and when pursuing highly-pressured fish
  • Better control than lead with more wind and current resistance
  • Denser than lead to feel bites better and also have better bottom contact
  • High density allows anglers to tune-out hordes of baitfish and still see their jig on sonar with nice, hard signal
  • 45° hook for best hooking % - "anvil top-of-the-mouth hooking"
  • Sticky-sharp forged strong nickel hook
  • Thin diameter hook for better bait piercing with no gut ooze and effortless hookups
  • Unique colored dingle ball fish attractor
  • Exciting new dingle presentation fish have not seen
  • Movement within movement
  • Non-chip enamel paint in highly attractive colors
  • 45° angle presentation for up-feeding fish
  • Species: Crappie, Perch, Bluegill, Small Trout
  • Bait with: Maki Plastics, Euro larvae, Waxis, Spikes
  • Country of Origin : Imported
  • DSG Pro Tips
  • Brand : Clam Outdoors