Coleman Quad Pro LED Lantern product image
Coleman Quad Pro LED Lantern product image
Coleman Quad Pro LED Lantern product image

Coleman Quad Pro LED Lantern

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Product Information

Take light with you wherever you go with the Coleman® Quad Pro Lantern. Made with LED light, this lantern provides bright, reliable light when and where you need it. Detachable panels include a magnetic side for reattachment to your toolbox, car hood or other metal surface. With a high, low and flashlight setting, this light source provides just the right amount of light on the job, at the campsite, or in an emergency.


  • Provides directional and area lighting
  • For multi-purpose use
  • Multi-setting: high, medium, low, flashlight
  • Light panels pop off at the base for on-the-go lighting
  • Each panel boasts a flashlight for directional or area light
  • Includes four panel lights, each with its own control
  • Base light remains on when panels are detached
  • Handle folds out to prop up for hands free light
  • IPEX water resistant design
  • Bright LED light
  • Lifetime LEDs never need replacing
  • Shines 800 lumens bright with all panels attached
  • Magnet system for easy attachment to metal surfaces and hands free light
  • Powered by three AAA NiMH batteries (included)
  • Batteries recharge when panels reattach to base
  • USB charging port
  • Mobile charger is versatile for charging a phone or other small device
  • Manufacturer’s three-year limited warranty


  • Lantern output: 800 (high), 200 (medium), 100 (low)
  • Panel output: 100 (high), 25 (low), 100 (flashlight)
  • Lantern 8D runtime: 20 hours (high), 120 hours (medium), 400 hours (low)
  • Lantern 4D runtime: 13 hours (high), 70 hours (medium), 200 hours (low)
  • Panel runtime: 3 hours (high), 14 hours (low), 3 hours (flashlight)
  • Lantern beam distance: 18m (high), 11m (medium), 7m (low)
  • Panel beam distance: 13 m (high), 6 m (low), 40 m (flashlight)
  • SKU: 18142356