Evnroll ER2 MidBlade Putter

Evnroll ER2 MidBlade Putter

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Evnroll ER2 MidBlade Putter
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Evnroll ER2 MidBlade Putter
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Product Information

Experience the sweetest face in golf with the Evnroll ER2 MidBlade Putter. Sweet Face Technology utilizes closely spaced, precisely milled grooves to gear the ball back to center for accuracy and consistency on impacts across the face. Length-specific head and grip weighting combine to elevate stroke consistency and control. Two small, unpainted dots to either side of the center alignment line help golfers start putts on the high side of the target line for improved performance.


  • Represents a streamlined blend of design and performance technology to inspire greater confidence
  • ER2 MidBlade Putter features a shorter/wider shape, heel-toe weighting and a flanged blade putter head profile
  • Designed to eliminate mis-hits by broadening the sweet spot to create the sweetest face in golf
  • Sweet Face Technology utilizes closely spaced grooves to create superior roll and softer impact
  • Patented, precise face milling imparts progressively more energy transfer on off-center hits
  • Unique milling pattern gears ball back to center for accuracy and consistency across face
  • Each specific putter milled to a specific head weight to maintain swing weight for each length
  • Extra 15g added to each head for stability; 120g counter weight grip for improved control
  • Two small, unpainted dots 1/8” to either side of the center cavity sightline for reference
  • Align ball in front of toe-side dot for right-to-left putts; heel-side dot for left-to-right putts
  • Utilizing dots in alignment process ensures the ball travels on the high side of target line
  • Each head precision milled from 303 SS, then hand ground, finished and assembled
  • Silver Satin finish provides a timeless, player-preferred aesthetic
  • Shaft: FST Stepless, .370” tip diameter

Evnroll Gravity Grip:

"By positioning the weight directly under and a half-inch away from the shaft, the hands can feel the position of the putter face. Tying the hands to the putter face promotes keeping the putter’s face square through the entire hitting area. This virtually eliminates face rotation at impact."

Guerin Rife, Founder of Evnroll Putters
Evnroll Gravity Grip
  • Designed to help golfers “Feel Square” at address
  • Ultra-light EVA foam body weighs only 35g and is molded into a deep V shape for feel
  • 70g, 10” steel rod installed in the bottom of the V and running the length of the grip for stability
  • Heavier-than-usual grip weight allows for more weight in the head, increasing stability and accuracy

Custom Evnroll Non-Taper 1.2 Grip:

  • Increased size and surface area allow for consistent grip pressure in both hands
  • Non-taper design encourages a more consistent stroke and increased confidence
  • Unique surface texture provides improved grip through greater tackiness
  • 120g grip weight improves distance control, stroke stability and accuracy

Custom Evnroll Pistol Grip:

  • Traditional pistol profile fits comfortably into the hands for classic feel
  • Streamlined design provides increased response and feel at impact
  • Unique surface texture provides improved grip and tackiness

ModelLoftLieLengthBalanceSwing Weight
ER2 MidBlade70°33", 34", 35"22° Toe DownE1 (33" & 34"); E4 (35")