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FOXPRO Jack Jr. Predator Decoy


Product Information

Pair the silent FOXPRO® Jack Jr. Decoy with a FOXPRO® game call for an effective hunting combination. The Jack Jr.’s chaotic motion resembles a woodpecker, which is able to entice any small predator. The whisper quiet motor ensures that predators will approach without being scared away by unnatural sounds. Made in the USA, the FOXPRO® Jack Jr. Predator Decoy is ready to tempt any predator.


  • Portable electronic decoy
  • Jacked-up chaotic motion for striking realism
  • Silent motor avoids spooking wildlife away
  • Compact design for increased portability
  • 3.5mm auxiliary jack provides compatibility to most FOXPRO® game calls
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included)

  • Country of Origin : United States of America
  • Style : JACKJR
  • DSG Pro Tips
  • Brand : Foxpro
  • SKU: 16399911