Giro Youth Rev Snow Goggles product image
Giro Youth Rev Snow Goggles product image
Giro Youth Rev Snow Goggles product image

Giro Youth Rev Snow Goggles

Color: Bright Pink Faded
Lens Tint: Amber Rose
Lens Finish: Non Mirrored
Only 1 available to ship!

Product Information

Help your youngin’ learn the ropes of the slopes when they wear their Giro® Youth Rev Snow Goggles. They’ll love the look and feel of these stylish mid-sized frames, and the thermoformed lenses deliver clear vision all season long! The Rev’s double layer face foam with fleece facing delivers exceptional comfort while also protecting them from winter weather elements.


  • Designed specifically for youth riders
  • Medium sized stylish youth frame
  • Thermoformed cylindrical lens for an excellent field-of-view
  • Anti-fog treatment for crystal clear vision
  • Double layer face foam with micro fleece facing exceptional comfort and head support
  • Plush foam helps protect his or her face from the elements
  • Seamless compatibility with all Giro® helmets
  • For optimal performance, Giro® products are designed to work together
  • Use spec chart to determine VLT (Visible Light Transmission) Range and Recommended Conditions for main lens color
  • SKU: 21275874


Lens ColorVLTRecommended Conditions
Jet Black9%Hi-Sun
Ultra Black13%Full Sun
Vivid Onyx14%Full Sun
Vivid Royal14%Full Sun
Grey Cobalt15%Full Sun
Rose Spectrum15%Full Sun
Black Limo16%Full Sun
Polarized Rose17%Full Sun
Vivid Copper18%Mixed Clouds
Vivid Emerald18%Mixed Clouds
Vivid Pink25%Mixed Clouds
Loden Green26%Mixed Clouds
Grey Purple31%Mixed Clouds
Amber Gold32%Mixed Clouds
Vivid Ember34%Mixed Clouds
Rose Silver35%Mixed Clouds
Amber Scarlet39%Mixed Clouds
Amber Pink41%Mixed Clouds
Amber Rose46%Mixed Clouds
Vivid Infrared52%Storm
Yellow Boost62%Storm
Vivid Apex82%Storm