GOTRAX Kids GKS Electric Scooter product image

GOTRAX Kids GKS Electric Scooter


Product Information

The Kids GKS Electric Scooter by GOTRAX® is designed with 6” solid rubber tires, made to absorb vibrations so that your child can safely glide down cement. This scooter can gain up to 10 miles per hour with the Compact 25V.2 battery and 150 Watt electric motor. Designed with a lightweight frame, this scooter is easy to carry and maneuver!


  • Power of 150 Watts and 25V.2 Battery
  • Can reach a speed of 10 mph for a distance of 7.5 miles
  • New Safe Step Technology: Both feet must be on scooter before the motor will engage
  • Durable, large 6” wheels
  • Designed to offer a smooth ride on sidewalks and paved areas
  • Lightweight frame, making it easy to carry and maneuver
  • Weighs 17.8 lbs.
  • Style : GT-GK-
  • Brand : GOTRAX