IZZO Comfort Swivel Dual Strap
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IZZO Comfort Swivel Dual Strap

Product Information:

IZZO pioneered Dual Strap carrying systems and continues to offer the original Comfort Swivel™ strap, which many golfers still consider the best carrying/replacement strap ever made. The Comfort Swivel™ Dual Strap is compatible with most stand bags, or combine with an IZZO stand bag (that offers a unique “rotator” connection) to maximize your carrying comfort.


  • Durable outer shell material
  • Unique Comfort Swivel™ joint
  • Ergonomic design contours to shoulders
  • Distributes weight evenly and comfortably behind you
  • Adjustable 3-point connection (fits both right and left-handed bags)
  • Available in 3 sizes


  • Small/Medium: 5’-5’7" (Height)
  • Medium/Large: 5’7"-6’1"
  • Extra Large: 6’1"+
  • Brand: Izzo
  • Country of Origin: Imported