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Leland 85-Piece Neon Trout Magnet Kit

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Fish all day with the Leland® 85-Piece Neon Trout Magnet Kit – a collection of 85 essential Trout Magnet pieces. For best results, the Trout Magnet body should be tight to the shad-dart jig head, with the hook coming out the split of the tail. Make sure the body is straight on the hook. For the best action, use 2 lb. test line and a 2 lb. fluorocarbon leader. For moving water, use one B or BB split shot about 12-14 in. above the Trout Magnet.


  • A collection of some of the best neon body colors for trout baits
  • Includes 85 pieces of Trout Magnet lures
  • Model: 87659


  • Split-Tail Grub Bodies: 10 Mealworm Gold, 10 Bubblegum, 10 Opaque Chartreuse, 10 Chartreuse/Orange, 10 Black/Green, 10 Pink, and 10 White
  • 1/64 oz. Size 8 Hooks: 5 Gold, 5 Black, and 5 Silver


  • Deadly drifted under an E-Z trout float. Adjust E-Z trout float to allow the trout magnet to drift a few inches off the bottom. Drift trout magnet naturally with current, set hook when float goes under. This is the preferred and most common technique used by Leland’s ® pro-staff.
  • Do not jig the lure. Use constant small twitches of the rod tip (1-3”) and reel just enough to keep the lure off the bottom. Never let the trout magnet touch the bottom. Stay upstream of the fish you are fishing for, use a quartering cast to sweep the trout magnet in front of the fish.
  • Country of Origin : Imported
  • DSG Pro Tips
  • Brand : Leland's Lures
  • SKU: 12844737

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