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MotorGuide® Tsunami T800 Aerator Pump

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Product Information

The MotorGuide® Tsunami® T800 Aerator Pump uses the most advanced material available and delivers high output from a small packaged pump at 800gph. The patented shaft seal eliminates water damage and corrosion. This pump has a cooler running motor and waterproof wiring, while the cartridges are replaceable between bilge and aerator pumps. Utilize all that the Tsunami Aerator Pump by Attwood has to offer.


  • Attwood Aerator pump
  • 800gph output capacity
  • Move more water and oxygen into livewell tanks to keep fish active
  • Cooler-running motors, premium materials, watertight seals and waterproof wiring
  • Cartridges are replaceable and interchangeable between bilge and aerator pumps
  • Model: 4650-7
  • Country of Origin : United States of America or Imported
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  • Brand : Attwood
  • SKU: 14156665