Nathan Trail Lock Laces
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Nathan Trail Lock Laces

Product Information:

Don't trip up over long loose, tangled laces on your next trail run when you lace your shoes up with the Nathan Trail Lock Lace™. These laces lock into place and stay securely fastened so you won't get slowed down and have to stop and tie your shoes while on the trail. These Nathan laces are designed using a patented lock and clip system that stays in place no matter how many miles you're putting in.


  • Lock Laces™ securely fasten your sneakers so you don't trip up
  • Alternative to the traditional laces that can get untied or in the way
  • Uses a patented lock and clip system to keep laces securely fastened
  • Ideal for trail running, night running, hiking and more
  • Laces need only be set up one time
  • Style: 1162N
  • Brand: Nathan
  • Country of Origin: Imported