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Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Spoon

Weight: 3-1/2 oz
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Designed to mimic goliath gizzard shad, the Ben Parker Magnum Spoon is a truly massive casting spoon. Measuring 8 inches long and weighing in at over 3 ounces, it offers monster bass something they find irresistible – a huge target that wants to be caught. A big winner at the 2014 FLW Kentucky Lake Tournament, half of the top 10 anglers fished with it, and it won the 2014 BASS College Wildcard for the Bethel University team.

Other features include a pearl flashabou tail for added attraction, a SPRO® power swivel, and Owner® Stinger treble hook to maximize the power of your hookset. For best results, fish it on 20 lb. line and the heaviest rod you have. Let it flutter and glide to the bottom, then rip up like you’re setting the hook and watch bass set their sights on this behemoth of a spoon.


  • Magnum casting spoon designed by bass pro Ben Parker
  • Nickel-plated chrome design
  • Swims with a gliding and fluttering action
  • Size 4 SPRO® Power Swivel
  • 3/0 Owner® Stinger treble hook with pearl flashabou
  • Weight: 3 1/2 oz.
  • Model: 8FS135
  • Nichols

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