Prince 12-Pack Dura Tac Over Grip product image

Prince 12-Pack Dura Tac Over Grip


Product Information

Perfect your grip and ultimately your swing with the Prince® 12-Pack Dura Tac Over Grip.

Product features

  • 12-pack of tacky over grip
  • Non-woven Polyester Base with Urethane Coating
  • Smooth Tacky Surface and high traction
  • High performance over grip with tacky feel for competitive players
  • 1050 mm (L) x 27 mm (w) x 0.50 mm (thick)

User Instructions

  • 1. Remove old over grip and discard
  • 2. Start by applying the tapered end of the over grip to the butt end of the racquet. Proceed by wrapping the over grip around the handle as you work your way towards the head of the racquet
  • 3. Once the top of the handle is reached, cut off any excess over grip and secure to the top of handle with adhesive finishing tape

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