Pro-Tec Hamstring Compression Wrap
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Pro-Tec Hamstring Compression Wrap

Product Information:

Cut down on hamstring pain with the Pro-Tec Hamstring Compression Wrap. Using constant compression to reduce pain and cut down on the chances of further injury, this Pro-Tec product is a 4”x6” compression pad that provides the compression where it is needed. Absorbing stress and adding stability, the Hamstring Wrap comes with a dual strap attachment so you can adjust tightness and compression for a perfect fit and feel.


  • Reduces conditions of hamstring tear or strain
  • Absorbs stress, stabilizes hamstring region
  • Constant compression works to cut back on discomfort, reduce further injury
  • 4”x6” compression pad
  • Delivers compression where needed
  • Dual strap attachment allows you to adjust tightness and compression for ideal fit
  • One size fits most
  • Fits left or right leg
  • Brand: Pro-Tec
  • Country of Origin: Imported