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Purus Labs NOXygen Liquicaps

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Take two capsules of Purus Labs NOXygen Liquicaps before your workout and your muscles will thank you. This dietary supplement uses a blend of sodium nitrate and betaine nitrate in liquid form to increase nitric oxide in your body, upping your workout capacity, endurance, and hydration. These capsules are stimulant-free, suitable for use before a workout or as a part of your daily routine.


  • NO3-T® sodium nitrate and betaine nitrate increase nitric oxide in body
  • Nitric oxide relaxes veins and allows more oxygen and amino acids to reach muscles
  • Hydromax Glycerol increases glycerol usage to hydrate and protect muscles
  • Can be used in daily regimen as well as before workouts


  • Stimulant-free dietary supplement
  • Liquid nitrate capsules
  • Contains (30) servings
  • Contains (60) capsules
  • Style: 7330056
  • Brand : Purus Labs
  • SKU: 19911981

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