Red Tail Hawk Jig
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Red Tail Hawk Jig

Product Information:

This jig is designed and built for high quality fishing and reliable catching performance. It is equipped with a high-count nylon strand active bushy tail that delivers an excellent appearance and action. In addition, the molded eyes and bright color effectively provoke the attention of game fish, while red flash gills direct the bites of fish for a more successful setting. The Red Tail Hawk® Jig features absolutely no paint in the line eye.


  • Red flash gills direct bites
  • High count nylon strand active bushy tail
  • Molded eyes
  • Bright, attractive color
  • No paint in the eye of the jig
  • Super sharp HD 500 hook
  • Model: RTH
  • Red Tail Hawk
  • Brand: Red Tail Hawk