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Renfrew Skulls Hockey Tape


Product Information

Keep your hockey stick in top condition this season with Renfrew™ Hockey Blade Tape. Optimal for use on one-piece composite hockey sticks, this polyester/cotton blended cloth sports with a natural rubber adhesive improves the stick blade’s durability and protects it from abrasion caused during play. Designed with an aggressive skulls pattern, with the Renfrew™ Hockey Tape you’ll protect your stick blade while intimidating the offense.


  • Cloth hockey tape
  • Designed for use on hockey stick blade for protection from abrasion
  • Polyester/cotton blended cloth with a natural rubber adhesive
  • Increases durability on one-piece composite hockey sticks
  • Does not leave residue upon removal
  • Skulls pattern frightening your opponents
  • Dimensions: 24 mm (W) x 18 m (L)
  • Renfrew
  • SKU: 14262422

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