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Salted Smart Golf Insoles

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The Salted Smart insoles are a personalized trainer that you slip into your shoes. Download the SALTED Golf app, decide what stance you want, set up for any recordings or video, and swing away. Instant feedback through the earbuds and soles lets you know of imbalance in your posture. The insoles detect your weight shift and help you find your optimal swing to improve your driving distance. The app allows you to review the videos, compare shots to a pro and draw and record audio to leave notes about the days practice.


  • Uses foot pressure analysis to help you improve your swing
  • App allows for swing analysis as well as balance data
  • Compare ground pressures with the pros
  • Lightweight and trimmable to fit your shoes
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Includes lessons from professional golfers
  • End of day summary and long-term progress tracking


  • Salted Golf app connects to your smart device thru Bluetooth
  • Real time auditory and tactile feedback and data logging
  • Easy to use magnetic charging
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