Sanitation Equipment 8L Passport Camp Toilet
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Sanitation Equipment 8L Passport Camp Toilet

Product Information:

When you’re far from home, a quality camp toilet is a must. The Sanitation Equipment® 8L Passport Camp Toilet delivers comfort and convenience in a compact, easy to use package. The Passport Toilet features a replaceable piston pump with a 2-directional rinse to keep your bowl fresh and clean. A vented holding tank lets you dispose of waste quickly and easily, while an easy-to-read waste level indicator lets you know when it’s time to empty.


  • Easy to use
  • Replaceable piston pump features 2-directional rinse
  • Extra deep bowl delivers comfort
  • Lid snaps closed to prevent vibration while moving
  • Easy-to-read tank waste level indicator
  • Holding tank vent allows waste to be disposed cleanly & easily

  • Holding tank: 8L
  • Water reservoir: 10L
  • Height: 11 ¾”
  • Width 13 ½”
  • Depth: 14 ½”
  • Style #: 051373
  • Brand: Sanitation Equipment
  • Country of Origin: Imported