Schutt Youth DNA Pro+ Custom Football Helmet
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Schutt Youth DNA Pro+ Custom Football Helmet

Product Information:

The Schutt® Youth Custom DNA Pro+ Football Helmet is the ultimate in comfort and safety on the field. Engineered for the competitive youth player, the Schutt® DNA pro youth helmet features better impact absorption, heat management and antibacterial protection than traditional foam helmets. TPU cushioning withstands thousands of hits without compression sets or deterioration, while the SUREFIT Air Liner provides a secure, custom fit.


  • Build your custom football helmet
  • Choose: 1. helmet, 2. helmet color, 3. faceguard, 4. faceguard color
  • Large standoff design features ample cushioning for superior comfort and protection
  • High-impact, ultra-durable ABS plastic shell
  • TPU cushioning provides enhanced impact absorption, heat management and antibacterial benefits
  • Temperature-resistant foam remains consistent without breaking down like traditional foam
  • Includes white chin strap for a better fit and convenience
  • Customizable design lets you capture the look of your team
  • Meets NOCSAE® standards
  • All sales are final on customized products
  • Model: VK2027

Color NOTICE: Please note that photo may vary slightly from actual item in terms of color due to differences in monitors’ displays.


  • Large ventilation holes and channels circulate air throughout the helmet for heat and moisture management
  • Hook-and-loop attachment system locks inflation valves in place for easy and consistent alignment
  • AiR Maxx TPU jaw pad provides a combination of complete protection and ventilated comfort
  • SUREFIT Air Liner features two inflation ports for precise, custom fit and ultimate comfort on the field
  • SUREFIT slots allow for the fitting of chin straps along the inside of the helmet
  • TPU cushioning with hygienic properties resists mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria for long-term wear
  • Faceguard mounting system closely resembles and performs like traditional nose bumpers
  • Schutt™ recommends to inflate your SUREFIT Air Liner with the Schutt™ Football Helmet Air Pump, available to purchase separately (online ID: 4129418)


  • A properly fitted helmet is an important first step in player protection. To determine head size, wrap a cloth measuring tape around the circumference of the player's head. Measure approximately 1" above the player's eyebrows at the widest point. Record measurement and refer to chart below:


  • SMALL: Hat Size - up to 6.5”; Circumference - 19” - 20.5”
  • MEDIUM: Hat Size - 6.5” - 7”; Circumference - 20.5” - 22”
  • LARGE: Hat Size - 7” - 7.5”; Circumference - 22” - 23.5”
  • X-LARGE: Hat Size - 7.5” - 8”; Circumference - 23.5” - 25”
  • NOTE: If measurement falls between helmet sizes, choose the smaller size


  • Interlock hands on top of helmet and press down - player should feel pressure on crown of their head, not their brow
  • Skin of the forehead should move with the front pad
  • Front of helmet should be about 1" above the eyebrows
  • Jaw pads should feel firm against their face
  • There should be no room for twisting
  • To avoid injury or discomfort, never wear a helmet positioned too high or too low


  • Tighten all four straps evenly until secure and lock buckles into place
  • Cup should be centered and snug over their chin
  • Adjust chin strap until cup is firmly pressed against their chin
  • When buckled, helmet should feel comfortable and snug

Football Helmet Warning
  • Brand: Schutt
  • Country of Origin: United States of America