SOL Emergency Bivy Kit product image

SOL Emergency Bivy Kit

  • Advanced 90% Body Head Reflection with Heat-Bouncing Properties
  • Extremely Lightweight at 3-1/2 oz. for Easy Carrying Over Long Lengths of Time and Reduces in Size to Smaller Than 12 oz. Soda Can
  • Waterproof and Windproof with Sealed Seems

Product Information


  • Package weight: 3-1/2 oz.

Design & Details:

  • Advanced 90% body heat reflection with heat-bouncing properties
  • Extremely lightweight at 3-1/2 oz. for easy carrying over long lengths of time and reduces in size to smaller than 12 oz. soda can
  • Tinder cord offers fire starting abilities
  • Whistle signals for help in the crux of danger
  • Waterproofness covers dryness under rain showering
  • Windproof materials hold in warmth
  • Seams seal out snow and wind for protection against cold
  • High-visibility orange exterior allows easy finding when rescuers come
  • Double purposes as sleeping bag and blanket to ensure warmth until help arrives
  • Tear resistance offers durable fabric eliminating risk of punctures
  • Style: 0140-1142
    • SKU: 22323495