StringKing Men's Mark 1 Lacrosse Head w/ M Pocket
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StringKing Men's Mark 1 Lacrosse Head w/ M Pocket

Product Information:

The perfect mid pocket to give players an advantage in every stage of the game, the StringKing® Men’s Mark 1 Head w/ M Pocket offers consistency and maximum performance on the field.

Mark 1 Head

Ultra-Stiff Construction
Superior materials and construction prevent the head from flexing when passing and shooting
Improves speed, accuracy and consistency

Aggressive Scoop
An aggressive forward cant and a rounded scoop make groundballs easier to attack from all angles

Pocket-Driven Design
Side rails and face shape have smooth curves designed specifically for mid/low to mid/high pockets

Simple is Strong
Simple design of the sidewall creates a lightweight, stiff and durable head

M Pocket

Co-Engineered for Consistency
Head and mesh have been designed together, resulting in a complete and consistent pre-strung pocket

Versatile Performance
M Pocket is perfect for players of all levels and positions
Adjustable bottom string makes it easy to tailor the pocket to your personal style
Will perform in all weather conditions

Ready to Go
With no break-in needed, the M Pocket is ready to go right of the shelf

Additional Details
Meets Universal Specs
Player Position: All 1 MID
  • Brand: StringKing
  • Country of Origin: Imported
  • Style: MARK 1 MID