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StringKing Men's Mark 2D M4X Defensive Strung Lacrosse Head

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Product Information

The StringKing® Men’s Mark 2D M4S Defensive Strung Lacrosse Head features an ultra-stiff construction and wider face shape designed for harder checks and better ground ball control. This pre-strung lacrosse head features a mid-pocket and a Type 4x semi-hard for better ball control.

Better ball control

  • Side profile is shifted down for a lower pocket
  • Slightly pinched throat gives you unmatched control when you’re cradling vertically or with one hand


  • 29 sidewall holes to adjust to your pocket and whip as needed
  • Higher side profile
  • Slightly pinched throat

Stiff Construction

  • Used material more efficiently in high-impact areas makes the head stiffer

Ground Ball

  • Attack the ball from any angle knowing your head was engineered to give you every advantage

Smarter Design

  • Removed material from low-stress areas to decrease weight
  • Locking bolt reduces head rattle and create stiffer head

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