SuperStroke Traxion Claw 2.0 Putter Grip product image

SuperStroke Traxion Claw 2.0 Putter Grip

Golf Grip Size: Claw 2.0

Product Information

Reinvent your short game routine by fitting your putter with a Super Stroke Traxion Claw 2.0 Putter Grip. Designed to create a more vertical, locked in feeling at address, the Traxion Claw incorporates a pistol top hand profile with three guides at the bottom to facilitate a “claw” putting stroke. No Taper Technology utilizes a parallel design to create a uniform lower hand profile for minimized grip pressure. Traxion Control and Spyne technologies combine to enable proper hand placement and consistency.

CLAW | Minimize Wrist Action:

  • Unique design incorporates a pistol top hand profile and three guides on the sides in the bottom hand
  • Designed to create a more vertical, locked feeling at address by aligning the upper wrist with the putter while reducing wrist action in the bottom
  • Neutralizing wrist action helps to activate the larger shoulder muscles during the stroke to improve consistency of squaring the face at impact
  • TRAXION CONTROL | Enhanced Feedback Zones:

  • Advanced surface texture designed for enhanced feedback
  • Strategically designed Traxion zones on the tacky polyurethane outer layer to provide comfortable feel and increased confidence
  • NO TAPER TECHNOLOGY | Even Grip Pressure:

  • Patented No Taper Technology creates even grip pressure for a more consistent stroke
  • Parallel design has uniform lower hand profile to minimize grip pressure and maintain putter head path for a more consistent stroke
  • SPYNE TECHNOLOGY | Repeat Hand Position:

  • Advanced Spyne Technology is specifically engineered to aid in repeatable hand positioning
  • Repeatable hand placement leads to greater consistency in squaring the putter face at time of impact during the stroke
  • TECH-PORT | Advanced Putting Performance:

  • Designed to accept all Super Stroke “Tech-Port” accessories, including the CounterCore weight system
  • CounterCore weighting in the butt end of the grip engages larger muscles for a more stable, repeatable stroke
  • Utilizing such muscles helps reduce putter face angle rotation caused by wrist manipulation while improving stroke path for consistency


    ModelCore SizeWeightInstalled Size
    Traxion Claw 2.0.580"63gJumbo