Swami GT Golf GPS and Game Tracker product image
Swami GT Golf GPS and Game Tracker product image
Swami GT Golf GPS and Game Tracker product image
Swami GT Golf GPS and Game Tracker product image
Swami GT Golf GPS and Game Tracker product image

Swami GT Golf GPS and Game Tracker

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Give your game the edge while using the Swami GT Golf GPS and Game Tracker. Designed to deliver the yardage you need to hit the next shot and the knowledge you need for continuous improvement, the Swami GT combines trusted GPS functionality with new Game Tracking features via Near Field Communication. Tracker Tags, which attach to each club’s grip, pair with the Swami GT and automatically track key swing and performance data to enable detailed analysis and targeted practice for unmatched improvement potential.

  • GPS functionality allows the device to deliver the yardage you need to plan and hit your next shot
  • Pre-loaded with data for over 30,000 worldwide golf courses; no download or subscription fees
  • Auto course recognition and auto hole advancement features allow for easy, hassle-free use
  • Distances to the front, center and back of the green, as well as distances to hazards/doglegs
  • Scorecard feature and shot distance measurement allow you to save and review key stats
  • GPS features are available in both GPS and Game Tracker modes

  • Screw one of the tags into the butt end of each club grip, making sure the tag is flush with the grip
  • Turn on device and select the “Pair Clubs” option to begin the process of registering clubs with device
  • Pair each of your clubs with device by touching the tag to the device, then selecting the appropriate club
  • Once all clubs have been paired, select the “Start Round” option from main menu, then “Game Tracker”

  • To begin the round, hold the club’s sensor near the Swami GT in order to check in the shot
  • Repeat this process before each shot; the device will track strokes, shot distance, and more
  • Tracker Tags work with GPS to transmit and track data for every registered shot, without manual input
  • New Driver Mode allows you to track only driving statistics; average distance, longest drive and more
  • After 3 rounds in Game Tracker, eCaddie data becomes available, which provides club recommendations
  • NOTE – it is recommended you play 1-3 rounds in Game Tracker mode to become familiar with the Game Tracking process. Then, delete those rounds and start tracking your game once you are accustomed to the process. This ensures eCaddie and club recommendations are accurate.

  • When you are finished with the round, select “End Round” in the play menu
  • Select “Review Round” to take a look at important statistics directly on the device
  • For more detailed round analysis, utilize the Swami GT Portal by connecting device to your computer
  • Use portal to review shot statistics/data from your round, including an aerial view of every shot
  • NOTE – Uploading round data is currently only available on Windows-based PCs
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