Viking O-Zone Pro Gradient Series Tennis Paddle product image

Viking O-Zone Pro Gradient Series Tennis Paddle

Color: Ice Blue
  • Mid core density
  • Longer handle for grip
  • Vibrant gradient appearance
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Product Information


  • The O-Zone Pro has long been a favorite among tournament and league players
  • Weighing in at 375g, the new O-Zone Pro is 10 grams (.4oz) lighter than last year’s model but it is still designed as a control paddle for players with a high swing speed
  • The mid core density provides an excellent balance between power and control while the smaller headsize offers enhanced all-around maneuverability
  • Longer handle which provides a better grip on the two-handed backhand


  • Vibrant gradients and a bold, modern color palette lead the way for the upcoming season
  • All paddles are hand painted, giving each one its own unique look


  • Power Rating: 8.5
  • Core Density: Mid+
  • Surface Feature: Grit
  • Carbon Mesh Rim: Yes
  • Silence Dampener: N/A
  • Extra Holes: N/A
  • Surface Area: 82 sq. in.
  • Beam: 19mm
  • Overall Length: 18"
  • Handle Length: Long
  • Balance: Head Heavy
  • Grip: SuperSoft
  • Grip Sizes: 4 ¼
  • Triple Threat: N/A
  • Width: 3.50
  • Height: 14.00
  • Depth: 28.00
  • SKU: 22721000