Weston Manual Meat Cuber and Tenderizer product image

Weston Manual Meat Cuber and Tenderizer


Product Information


  • Get the best texture and flavor from any cut of meat
  • The machine quickly and evenly tenderizes meat straight from the farm, field, refrigerator, or freezer
  • Durable design that lets you process large batches of meat quickly
  • 31 large-diameter tenderizing blades are housed inside a rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminum shell
  • Just place meat inside the chute and turn the handle to tenderize your meats to perfection
  • Chute fits large pieces of meat up to 4.5" wide and .75" thick
  • Tenderize beef by running it through the meat tenderized one time, or run through the opposite direction to make cubed steak just like you would get at the butcher or grocery store
  • Made with a solid, slip-free base that easily mounts on tables and other flat surface with included C-clamps
  • Cast aluminum construction has a durable, food-grade coating that is built to last
  • The tenderizer/cuber easily converts to a jerky slicer by swapping the included blade with the Weston Jerky Slicer Blade (sold separately)

  • SKU: 16316751