Wilson Blade 98 (16 x 19) Pro Tennis Racquet
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Wilson Blade 98 (16 x 19) Pro Tennis Racquet

Product Information:

Upgraded with Parallel Drilling for a larger sweet spot and Braided Graphite + Basalt for even greater feel on every shot, the Wilson® Blade® 98 (16 x 19) Pro Tennis Racquet provides a forgiving feel and crisp responsiveness.

Advanced Technology
Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot
amplifeel™ for enhanced racquet feel

Superior Construction, Enhanced Control
Braided Graphite + Basalt provides an elastic an reactive material combination that improves the flex of a racquet
Increases the ball’s contact with the strings to provide enhanced feel and greater control

Racquet Features to Suit Your Style
Power frame for players with short, compact swings
Mid-Plus head size offers a balance of control and power
Head Light balance adds maneuverability in heavier frames
Open string pattern for more power and spin

Key Specs
Headsize: 98 sq. in.
Length: 27 in.
String Pattern: 16 x 19
Unstrung Weight: 304 g (10.7 oz)
Strung Weight: 320 g (11.3 oz)
Unstrung Balance: 32.5 cm / 6 pts HL
Stung Balance: 33.5 cm / 2 pts HL
Taper System: 20.6 mm Flat Beam

Additional Details
Unstrung racquet
Racquet Stringing/Demo Services Available

Cover not included
Style: WRT72351U
  • Brand: Wilson
  • Country of Origin: Imported