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Learn More About Ab Wheels & Rollers

Add a new level of intensity to your ab workouts with high performance ab wheels from DICK’S Sporting Goods exercise equipment.

Choose from ab wheels in an impressive assortment of designs from leading brands like Perfect Fitness®, Fitness Gear® and SKLZ®.

Ab wheels allow you to perform a range of exercises that target the muscles of your core, as well as your arms and legs. DICK’S Sporting Goods offers ab wheels with useful features like non-slip handles, heavy duty foot pedals, and steel springs that deliver either resistance or assistance to your motion, depending on the direction of movement.

Ab wheels are an excellent choice for athletes who want to improve their balance, stability, and strength, and for anyone who wants to add variety to a resistance training routine. When you’re shopping for a new ab wheel, keep these points in mind:

  • Ab wheels with wide wheel surfaces typically provide more stability, which may allow you to focus your efforts on a particular muscle group. Ab wheels with narrower surfaces can help you develop your overall core stability, as you work to maintain balance through your workout.
  • Some styles of ab wheel include foot pedals, allowing you to roll the wheel with either your hands or feet.
  • As with any new exercise, proceed slowly at first when you begin to use your ab wheel. This can help you reduce the chance of an injury to your back or other muscle groups due to improper form or excessive repetitions.
  • Many athletes prefer to wear kneepads when using an ab wheel, as this helps reduce pressure on your kneecaps when you roll the wheel. Some of the ab wheels available from DICK’S Sporting Goods include a set of kneepads for added convenience. As an alternative, you can kneel on a yoga mat as you work out with your ab wheel.