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Drive With Confidence: Shop Adjustable Drivers At DICK’S

Get better results off the tee with an adjustable driver from DICK’S Sporting Goods. With an adjustable driver, you can change settings like loft, lie and center of gravity to better fit the tendencies of your swing. Choose from the best brands in the game, like Callaway®, PING®, TaylorMade®, Titleist® and more.

Why Buy An Adjustable Driver?

Most amateur golfers struggle to produce consistent ball flight off the tee. An adjustable driver can help reduce the effects of swing flaws that result in slices, hooks, low ball flight and other common driving issues.

Typically, these drivers will feature an adjustable hosel to control loft and lie, adjustable weights in the sole to promote neutral/draw/fade bias, or a combination of both.

Adjustable hosels allow for an increase or decrease in loft—the angle of the clubface. Loft has a direct impact on launch angle and spin rate. If a player has difficulty getting the ball into the air with a driver, a higher loft angle can help provide more lift and ultimately more distance.

When the weighting in the sole is adjusted, so is the center of gravity (CG). Moving the CG to the left, right or center can impact whether the swing produces a fade, draw or straight shot.

Best Sellers

Check out the top-selling adjustable drivers available at DICK’S Sporting Goods:

  • Callaway XR 16 Driver: The XR 16 has remained one of the more popular drivers in the game for multiple seasons. A key reason is the OptiFit® Hosel that allows for a combination of eight different loft and lie configurations.
  • PING G30 Driver: The adjustable hosel in the G30 is the same diameter and weight as a standard hosel to maintain the integrity of the CG.
  • TaylorMade 2017 M2 Driver: The 4° aluminum loft sleeve offers 12 settings for loft and lie angle.
  • Callaway GBB EPIC Driver: A 17-gram sole weight can be strategically positioned along the perimeter track to provide shot-shaping control for your swing.
  • Titleist 917D2 Driver: Sixteen unique loft and lie combinations deliver a precise fit, while interchangeable weights optimize spin and launch conditions for every player.

Best Price Guarantee

Remember, if you find a lower price on adjustable drivers from another qualifying retailer, we’ll match it with our Best Price Guarantee.

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To get the most out of your new adjustable driver, stop in for a club fitting at DICK's. You’ll swing away on our golf simulator while one of our experienced fitters analyzes your launch-monitor data. You’ll leave with a driver optimized for your swing. Contact your local DICK’S Sporting Goods store to check availability.