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Train Without Interruption: PowerBeats Earbuds by Beats by Dre®.

Music inspires athletes to perform at their peak. And with PowerBeats earbuds, there’s nothing holding you back.

These feather-light earbuds deliver lush, loud sound to your ears. And Power Beats are engineered just for athletes. Log miles. Stretch in the studio. Rule the court. Do it all with Beats by Dre® PowerBeats headphones.

PowerBeats earbuds are designed with light, flexible materials that are water-resistant. That means you can move, sweat and push the pace without worrying about your earbuds. A remote control cord ensures you can adjust the track or volume as you train.

Best of all, PowerBeats earbuds are engineered to pump thick bass and vibrant sound without blocking ambient noises. This feature keeps you safe when you’re running or biking on the road.

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