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Reach the Finish Line with the Best Running Shoes

Shop this collection of the best running shoes from DICK'S Sporting Goods and find the most popular pairs from a variety of your favorite industry-leading brands.

The best running shoes this year are:

The top-rated running shoes of 2017 were lightweight, breathable and comfortable. You'll find the same qualities in the best running shoes of 2018, with the addition of the latest technologies and hottest shoe trends.

Whether you're hitting the track or just taking a walk around the block, you need a shoe that fits properly and has a responsive feel. As the laps mount, you'll appreciate expertly engineered soles that provide next-level impact cushioning. The best running shoes right now are designed to help you transfer power into each step, while still absorbing a maximum amount of shock. Premium outer soles provide solid footing, even in wet conditions. Prevent potentially dangerous slips and falls with these amazing running shoes.

Get the most out of your run. Check out the full collection of running gear from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Running Shoes

Whether you're a weekend jogger who just likes the fresh air or a running fanatic who is training for a marathon, an upgrade in footwear can make a big difference.

All of the shoes in this collection are durable and manufactured from top-quality materials, yet there are several design differences to consider when choosing a running shoe, including:

  • Upper Thickness: Are you looking for support from your upper or are you after maximum breathability?
  • Weight: Do you prefer the lightest possible shoe or one that may offer increased impact resistance and shock absorption?
  • Aesthetics: Looking great is important, even on the track. Whether you want a classic black-and-white shoe or a pair of bold neon kicks, you can find the right style for your athletic look.

Reach your potential with a pair of high-tech running shoes built with the latest footwear technologies.

Don't let weather get in the way. Run all year long when you suit up with cold weather running gear from DICK'S Sporting Goods.