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The Best Trail Cameras As Rated By Our Customers

Before investing in a trail camera, it’s important to do your research. You want to know that your camera will take high-quality photos without spooking game, that it will withstand extreme weather conditions, and, most importantly, that it deliver the best value for your money.

DICK’S is here to help. All trail cameras in this collection have received an average rating of at least four stars from our customers. Check out the top-rated options currently available at DICK’S, including:

  • Primos® Proof Gen 2 01 Trail Camera (12MP): This is currently the best trail camera under $100 available at DICK’S. Built to be extremely reliable but affordable, the Proof Gen 2 01 trail cam is easy to set up and offers an improved recovery time, detection distance, and trigger speed over the first-generation model. Plus, the Gen 2 has an all new auto-exposure feature to provide improved light detection.
  • Moultrie® D-35 Trail Camera (14MP): Complete with 32 LEDs for an extended flash and 80’ flash range for unbelievable nighttime coverage, the D-35 also features a 0.7 sub-second trigger speed for capturing crisp images and fewer missed shots.
  • Wildgame Innovations® Terra Extreme 12 Lights Out Trail Camera (12MP): Built with 36 high-intensity invisible BLACK LEDs to ensure total discretion when capturing images, the Terra Extreme 12 trail cam boasts a 1-second trigger speed, 15-second video capabilities, and a flash range of up to 60’.
  • Spypoint® LINK-EVO-V Verizon Wireless Cellular Trail Camera (12MP): The LINK-EVO-V allows you to monitor footage from your camera on your cellular phone. Able to connect to one of the world’s largest 4G network providers for unbelievable coverage, the LINK-EVO-V also offers a free monthly plan offer and is fast and easy to set up.

When you buy from this collection of the best game cameras, not only will you get a top-rated product, but you’ll also get it at the best price. If you find a lower price on a trail cam from another qualifying retailer, we’ll match it with our Best Price Guarantee.

Buying Tips

What To Look For In A Trail Cam

The best trail cameras for big game hunters are able to take high-resolution photographs without spooking game. Here are some of the factors you should consider when looking for the best trail cameras for your hunting needs:

  • Trigger speed: The faster a camera can take a picture after an animal enters the camera’s observation zone, the more likely you are to get useful photos of fast-moving game.
  • Resolution: In general, cameras with higher megapixel ratings take more detailed photos.
  • Storage capacity: If you plan to leave your camera in place for a long period of time, look for a camera with the ability to store thousands of photos so that you can gain an accurate representation of game movements over time.
  • Trail cameras are available in an array of colors and camouflage patterns. Browse the selection of today’s best hunting cameras at DICK’S Sporting Goods to find a camera that will blend in well with the trees and other features where you plan to station your camera.
  • Be sure to evaluate the battery power specifications of the trail cameras you are considering. Different trail cameras use different types and quantities of batteries and have different battery life ratings.
  • If you are looking for animals that tend to move around at night, look for cameras with large night ranges to maximize the information you can gather on your preferred game.