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Learn About Burton® Snowboards

Carve the slopes with confidence with Burton snowboards from DICK’S Sporting Goods. Experience the ultimate ride this winter with performance-crafted Burton® snowboards.

Whether you’re an devoted shredder or just getting started, there’s a Burton® board made for your next adventure. Burton® snowboards offer an excellent balance of stability, control and energy in the powder. Get the playfulness you’re looking for with the brand’s blend of innovative design and top-line materials.

DICK’S Sporting Goods offers Burton snowboards and snowboard packages for many different riding styles and skill levels. When you’re choosing your new snowboard, be sure to evaluate the effect of snowboard size, shape, and camber. Generally speaking, a longer snowboard will provide a faster ride, while a shorter board delivers greater mobility.

Take on the slopes with all-mountain boards for men, women and youth snowboarders. Some boards are specially made for beginner and intermediate snowboards.

Expert Advice

New to snowboarding? Keep in mind these factors when shopping the Burton® snowboard collection:

  • Burton® boards come in two basic designs: twin and directional twin. A true twin design is symmetrical in construction and great for park and pipe riding. Directional boards are for more advanced snowboarders riding all over the mountain.
  • The flex of your snowboard is described as either soft or stiff. Soft boards are more forgiving and easier to turn and maneuver—so they’re great for beginners. Stiff-flex boards provide more bite in the snow and can maintain higher speeds down the mountain.
  • Snowboards with camber offer “pop” on the mountain, and they’re great for speed-oriented riders. Flat or neutral camber boards increase float and allow for easier maneuvering. Rockers, or reverse-camber boards, are great for jibbing or riding rails at the park, and are a good fit for novice boarders. Mixed-camber boards are also available.
  • When you head to the resort, style matters. Make your mark in a variety of vibrant graphics and colors.

Advanced riders may prefer a long board, while beginning riders typically choose shorter board lengths. A snowboard’s shape determines whether it is directional, which means it is intended to be ridden forward (tip first) only, or twin, which means can travel equally well forward or backward. Directional snowboards are typically used for downhill riding, while twin boards are better suited to pipe and park snowboarding.

Camber describes the profile of a snowboard from tail to tip. A reverse camber snowboard is lower in the middle with upturned tail and tip, while a regular camber board rises in the middle, with lower points near the tail and tip. Novice riders typically prefer the softer ride of a reverse camber board, while experienced riders often choose regular camber.

While it may not affect the performance of your board, a snowboard’s color scheme and design is also an important consideration for many riders. Many of the Burton snowboards at DICK’S Sporting Goods are available in multiple colors and graphic patters, so you can make your own visual statement on the slopes.