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Learn More About Callaway Golf Balls


Learn More About Callaway Golf Balls

Make every shot count with Callaway®.

Callaway's® collection of golf balls are designed to elevate any golfer's game. Find faster speed, optimal control and better play with a technology-inspired selection.

Choose from balls composed of 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece and 5-piece constructions. Look for a crisp, classic white ball or opt for the added visibility of a yellow or personalized Callaway® ball.

Go for designs like the Callaway® HEX Chrome for a Tour-proven blend of speed and distance on the green with every round.

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Expert Advice

It’s essential: Every golfer needs a ball that matches their game.

Think about these factors to find your perfect golf ball:

  • Two-piece golf balls feature a dual construction composed of a larger, solid inner core and outer cover which ease of use.
  • Multi-piece golf balls are designed with a core wrapped by mantle layers and an outer cover. These balls are an ideal fit for golfers who deliver moderate to high clubhead speed and desire added distance and feel in their game.

Golfers find the edge they need in their game with difference-making details in their Callaway® golf ball. Consider the ball’s construction when making the selection:

  • Distance balls are designed to deliver maximum speed and distance.
  • Spin-control balls reduce spin.
  • Total performance balls are designed to blend a balance of low spin, distance and control on the greens. These balls are often constructed of multiple pieces.

Every inch of a Callaway® ball is built for aerodynamics. Golfers need a ball designed with the right amount of dimples – larger dimples promote higher trajectory, while smaller dimples promote a lower trajectory.

Select from Callaway® golf balls designed with urethane covers, which promote the right amount of spin for working the ball left or right off the tee, or trionomer covers designed for resiliency, delivering maximum speed and improved control.

Look for Callaway’s® proprietary Tech Mantle within the ball’s construction. The Tech Mantle converts energy into distance to help the ball fly off the clubface.