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Learn More About Competitive Swimming Gear


Your Best Season Yet: Learn More About Competitive Swimwear

Nothing comes between you and first place: Set records with the right competitive swimwear.

Bolt off the block in racing swimsuits for men and women, and make it to the end of the lane with competition swim goggles. Explore the competitive swimming collection at DICK'S Sporting Goods:

Find everything you need to pack up for the pool, like slide sandals, warm-up suits and swimming parkas. Pick up your swimsuit from popular brands, like Nike®, Dolfin®, TYR® and Real Tree Outfitters®.

Expert Advice

High-performance swimsuits are essential for your season. Your suit should maximize speed in the water, with smooth fabric that reduces drag and increases water flow. Consider buying a swimsuit specifically for training and another for meet day.

Chemical-resistant fabrics give longevity to your suit. You need a second-skin like fit in the water—look for swimsuits designed with a seamless construction and compression fit. Women can browse a variety of swimsuit constructions for the level of support they need. Men swimsuits include jammers, square-legs and briefs.

Swimmers taking part in rigorous training and competition should look to technical swimsuits. This swimwear is woven with high-performance fibers for improved hydrodynamics in the water.

Don’t overlook the importance of your swim cap.

Competitive swim caps serve as a soft, sleek shell that reduces drag against your head in the water. Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or just looking to keep hair dry while taking a dip, look for a cap that fits comfortably and securely.

Latex is a standard swimming cap materials for swimmers of all skill levels. This material is lightweight, slip-resistant and durable. Silicone swimming caps provide easy on-and-off and prevents uncomfortable hair snagging.