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Learn More About Crossbows


Crossbows and Crossbow Packages

Crossbows are a modern type of bow. Many styles offer crank-cocking devices, anti-dry fire, illuminated scope, ambidextrous side mounts, carbon fiber barrels and synthetic strings.

DICK'S Sporting Goods carries a variety of bow cases to help keep your crossbow protected and in top condition. Pick up bow sights and crossbow targets to help improve your aim.

Crossbow scopes with multi-reticle crosshairs are right on the mark. These shock-resistant, waterproof and fog-proof scopes come with dovetail mounting rings and a limited lifetime warranty.

Keep in mind that most crossbows are easily adjusted for either right-handed or left-handed use, depending on which side feels most comfortable for you. Whatever your shooting preference, browse top-rated Ravin crossbows, Barnett crossbows, and TenPoint crossbows, plus more top brands.

Expert Advice

How to Choose the Right Crossbow & Bolts

The right choice should be easy to carry and cock. A larger, more powerful option isn't a good idea if it's going to be difficult to use. You'll have best results with a bow that feels balanced in your hands and takes some strength to cock without draining too much energy.

DICK'S Sporting Goods stocks cutting-edge, precision-machined crossbows with options for built-in cocking devices and noise-dampening systems. Determine if you want the traditional bow feel, narrow width and speed in a crossbow or if you are looking for simplicity and low maintenance.

A compound crossbow typically shoots faster and weighs more than a recurve crossbow. Using a steel pulley system to retard your draw weight and keep it manageable, the compound serves you well when you need good aim reinforcement in your hands and arms.

If you intend to walk long hours and want extreme accuracy for hunting game, consider an extra-lightweight, recurve crossbow. Somewhat less powerful than a compound crossbow, the recurve has fewer moving parts and requires less maintenance in the field.

Crossbow bolts that are made of carbon fiber or aluminum shoot extremely fast with consistency. Aluminum bolts are softer and more bendable for target practice on cardboard and similar materials. Serious hunters prefer carbon bolts, which have a flatter trajectory. Bolts come in blunt-end (flat) and half-moon (V) shapes.

Consider the type of target that you'll be using with your selected crossbow bolts as the target type can change depending on the bolt you choose.

Many bow hunters who try crossbows never go back. Mustering the strength to draw and accurately aim a bow after hours of sitting still in a hunting blind on a cold day can be challenging. With a crossbow, all you need to do is breathe, aim and squeeze the trigger. Try it once and you'll be hooked.

With options from industry-leading brands, you'll be confident your equipment is as rugged as you. Trust in yourself and trust in your gear with a durable model that's made to handle the rigors of the hunt.

Are you a bow hunter? Check out incredible bow and arrow archery supplies at DICK'S Sporting Goods.


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