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Deer Hunting Tools For The Field

Find all the necessities you need for the field with the deer hunting equipment collection at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

From key scent control accessories, lures and minimizers to skinning knives, game processers and calls, discover the tools you need to bring in your prey. Field dressing gear, including deer carts, storage bags and cleaning gloves, help you get the job done effectively.

Perfect your shot with deer decoys, and display your kill on quality-crafted trophy mounts. Shop trusted brands, including Bradley Smoker®, Eastman Outdoors® and Outdoor Edge®.

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Expert Advice

Hunting scent control products are essential for your deer hunt. To quell your own scent, try anti-microbial agents, which limit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Scent control for deer hunting comes in sprays, wafers, bar soaps and even gels.

Next, bring in your buck with deer attractants and sprays. Whitetails aren’t able to resist urine-mimicking attractants, smoking sticks and more.

Get the cutting capability you need with specialty hunting knives, including fixed-blade hook knives, drop point knives, buck knives and folding knives. Field dressing knives and field dressing equipment help you after the shot—like deer carts, gloves, bone saws and game bags.

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